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I hadn't seen a group yet for this lovely lady, Charissa Chamorro. So I decided to make one up!

Here we can chat about Charissa in her few roles we've had the pleasure of watching her in.

*Abigail Williams (The Crucible)
*Sarah (Children Of A Lesser God)
*Katherine (Taming Of The Shrew)
*Gail Myzlewsky (The Big Slam)

*Sophia Pelligrino (One Life To Live, February 1999 to May 2001)
*Tory Grainger (Guiding Light, September 19th, 2001 to July 16th, 2002)
*Kay Hartley (Law & Order, "Mother's Day", January 8, 2003)
*Celebrity Contestant--Blue Team (Search Party)
"Puerto Rico (3)", July 11, 2000
"Puerto Rico (4)", July 18, 2000
"Puerto Rico (5)", July 25, 2000

*Coat Check Girl (It Could Happen To You)
-I honestly can't remember where I found this information, but I assume it's true. I have the movie on my Netflix que and will take this one off here if I don't actually find her or see her credited in the movie.

For all the fans, I'm hoping this website has updated information because if so I found a way to send Charissa some fan mail!!!!!

Contact Charissa, Thanks to Fanmail.biz!

The Unofficial Charissa Chamorro Webpage

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